The Harvard Woman's Club was organized in 1913 with the mission  ' promote friendship and community awareness'. The charter members and members since have been part of the fabric of the community of Harvard and indeed were responsible for shaping the character of the town as we know it today. We remember our Past Presidents and Leaders as our special acknowledgement of their service.

Special Interest Groups

♣ Bridge Club
♣ Culture Club
♣ Knitting Club
♣ Literature Club
♣ Outdoor Adventures

Members are invited to propose new ideas for activities and programs.


Old Harvard LibraryRegular meetings are generally held the first Monday of each month, October to May, in Deacon Hall at Holy Trinity Parish, 15 Still River Road, Harvard, MA. A light luncheon is served at 11:30 AM, followed by a brief business meeting and a monthly program. (See our Calendar.) Both Harvard and non-Harvard residents are welcome to join.


Community Service

♣ Supporting local food pantry
♣ Visiting hospitalized veterans
♣ Sponsoring community improvement projects
♣ Helping Harvard's senior center

The Harvard Woman's Club raises money each year to support regional and community organizations and funds scholarship awards for deserving local high school graduating seniors.

Organization and Leadership

Today, the organization is led by Officers and a Board of Directors, and its committees, groups, projects and individuals are at work to realize that mission.

The Officers and members of the Board (for fiscal years 2012-2013) include:

Karen Hierman, Susan Starr, Cindy Dumser (Leadership Team)


Dee Lee (Treasurer)
Alice Rennie (Director, 1 year)
Susan Barber (Director, 1 year)
Janet Zimmer (Director, 1 year)
Shirley Boudreau, Denyse Cox, Lisa Zhao (Ways & Means)
Laura Andrews (Auditor)
Maria Day, Ginger Latham, Pat DeZutter (Scholarship)


Mary Spero (Caring, Courtesy & Corresponding Secretary)
Sue Guswa, Ann Cuneo,  Karen Dolimount, Carol Landry (Membership Committee)
Joan Chu, Carole Kinnee, Rosemary Theriault (Hospitality Committee)
Maria Day, Sue Guswa, 1 OPENING (Nominating Committee)
Janet Sponagle (Historian)


Virginia Lee (Bridge)
Stella Matson (Caps for Kids)
OPEN (Culture Club & Outdoor Adventures)
Jackie Harris (Literature Group)
Marie Davis, Maureen Giffen (Veterans' Affairs)
Sharon Kerns, Lynn Cooke (Senior Meals)
Heidi Siegrist (Loaves & Fishes Clothing Room)


Bess Haire (Programs)
Susan Barber (Chaplain)
Dianne Cordner (Publicity)
 Cindy Dumser (Photographer)
Susan Hardy, Stephanie Hooper (Newsletter)
Rosemary Theriault (Website)
Rosemary Theriault, May Lorente (Yearbook)
Charlotte Fitzgerald (Recording Secretary)